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Sonic preivew

2013-01-14 20:51:54 by sonik1

Sonic - A perilous platforming game now has a preivew.
2 1/2 levels complete so far.


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2013-01-15 15:45:14

Ignore the guy below me, he's wrapped in Narutoism. My thoughts on this are amazed to an extent. I can't wait for the finished release. It looks very promising in many ways. I'm sure the mechanics will be adjusted too, ie. the rolling into enemies... Come on bro, I know you want me to know that you know that I want you to know what I knew you would know that I know that Sonic should be able to roll into enemies. But, it's your game an you should do what you feel you should do. Sorry if I tongue tied you bro. Can't wait!

(Updated ) sonik1 responds:

He is. He is.
thanks, bro.I LOVE YOOU!


2013-01-16 09:00:27

this game will be good

sonik1 responds:

It will, It will.


2013-01-19 18:34:01

Wow, nice game! When will it be out? And will more than 1 player be available to play? (because I love tails) and who is @CannonXIII talking about?

sonik1 responds:

I deleted the comment he was talking about.
so, no. there will only be 1 player. (sorry, dude)
It will be out eventually. my deadline is september.


2013-02-04 19:58:25

Wow,this look's amazing! Can't wait for this game,been loving your work so far :)