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Sonic in team fortress 2 scene creator?

12/23/12 by sonik1

a crossover.


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sonic as scout
tails as pyro
knux as heavy

Alright. That's Cool.

12/25/12 sonik1 responds:

It's gunna take a while, making custom red and blue characters, custom limbs, blood, turrets, and scenery. so...yeah. XD


12/24/12 sonik1 responds:

phew. also, the characters will only be blue and red sonic, and blue and red shadow.
Tails and knux, too.

Ho Ho... Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well.

12/24/12 (Updated 12/24/12) sonik1 responds:

Is that good or bad?
merry christmas, and happy new year and hanukkah!