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2012-10-29 12:36:20 by sonik1

I've REALLY been slacking off when it comes to my NG games.
also, sonic vs RD might be cancelled.



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2012-10-29 19:27:32

F**K!!!! All Well...I Can Do Without...

sonik1 responds:

now, i said it MIGHT be. probably not, though. in fact, it probably WILL be made.


2012-10-30 17:26:50

I hope you do the game. Il help if you need, by the way, WHAT IS "RD"


2012-10-30 19:04:01

RD=Rainbow Dash


2012-10-30 19:11:47

The Only Way I Know That Is Because Of The Music Video "Rainbow Factory" I Saw The Pony (MLP SUCKS) & Wondered Who It Was, So I Looked It Up, & The Pony's Name Was 'Rainbow Dash'. The Fanfics (Rainbow Factory, Cupcakes, Sweet Apple Massacre (DONT READ IT, IT CONTAIN VIOLENCE, R4P3, & LANGUAGE. MESSAGE TO ALL BRONIES: IT WILL RUIN YOUR IMAGE OF THE PONY "Big Macintosh" (Who?)) Ect.) Are Pretty Good, But That's All I Like About It. Blood & Gore, That's It.

(Updated ) sonik1 responds:

Uh-hu sure... are you sure you arn't a brony PRETENDING to be a hater?


2012-10-30 19:12:35

Nice Drawing By The Way. :)

(Updated ) sonik1 responds:

Thanks. (i forgot the red streaks on the leg!!!!)
but now i hate you because you are a brony hater :D


2012-10-31 16:13:35

I Dont Hate Bronies (Im Friends With dubstepboy, Who Is A Brony), Just The Show "My Little Pony". But The Fanfics Are Awesome, & I Advise You, Watch "Rainbow Factory" & "Awoken" On Youtube, They're Really Good Songs. I Can Get Past The Fact That It Shows Ponies. But They Are Still Really Good.


2012-11-03 05:01:17

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 1